Sunday, April 1, 2007

Future calling...

Many of the computer engineers are perhaps unaware of the fact that Dell and HP are serious about adopting Linux as a Desktop Operating Systems for their customers.
This is a heartening news for me. May be this is just beginning of an era.An era of competition, quality and engineering.

At the same time i am disappointed to find most of the people as a mute spectator.Nobody is willing to hop in.Nobody is willing to engineer and take risk.

Linux has a huge potential in Gaming markets.Still unexplored and lackluster because of the kernel's GPL2 only policy to which big guns like Nvidia and ATI refuse to budge.

Only consolation which Linux community can get happy with is OpenGL, thanks to SGI for OpenGL.

Anyway whatever the case may be, Noveau project will bring some smiles on our graphics engine.
Frankly speaking i am more than skeptical about Noveau's success. Why?

Because Reverse Engineering is a science which is not only insanely difficult but also not even match for the purpose it is employed.
Isn't this much enough for Nvidia and ATI to think about it.

May be someone need to tell them "FREE SOFTWARE AND OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE ARE TWO DIFFERENT TERMS".They form a closely knit but well defined union of two entirely different sets with a common intersection region. :)
Sorry, for a bit of set theory there. ;)

I am quite sure they know this, but problem is they are too paranoid about their patents and hardware designs.
My suggestion you are wrong, kernel developers are willing to sign a __NDA__ if you are willing to open source your driver.

Time has come for GPU giants to hop in and help the Linux Penguin. After all open standards in x86 architecture is what brought Intel to the top.


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