Wednesday, September 12, 2007

bourne ultimatum or what?

Amusing message ...

try pointing your browser to .

surprise ...

Sorry, but
cannot be undertaken in Linux.


Friday, August 31, 2007

mrxvt is gooood

Thanks debian, for what?
For ubuntu and for awesome repository.

Fedora7 i am sorry, i ll have to format your owned root partition for my VMs for Xen and KVM. :-).

with aterm, mrxvt and xterm i have to say bye bye to bulky gnome-terminal.

BTW try this combo

aterm/xterm + scrollz + mutt + ssmtp + getmail + lynx :-)
Super cool.


Sunday, August 26, 2007


heh... bloody mutt.
Its awesome :-).

And so is text mode.
Who needs Outlook crap ... ;)

Fetchmail + procmail + ssmtp + mutt + cron is cool :-).


Monday, July 9, 2007

Geek score

I can't help myself grinning on how i got a 100 score on that test :).
But test was loooong and gooood.

I thought i would fair poorely because as per the question i answered -
1. I did not ever program on Commodore.
2. I do not know how to program in BASIC.
3. I do not know how to program in PHP or JAVA.
4. I do not think Seymour Cray is someone i should bow before.
5. I sleep during my weekdays.
6. I played MMORG games rather than programming in my college days at 2 am any day irrespective of the day :).
7. i do not host my blog on my web server which sits in my apartment.
8. I do not think Bill Gates is evil.
9. I have dual boot machine for both WinXP and Linux on 2 of the machines our of 2 in my apartment.
10. duh...a lot more.

I guess i was over rated because i responded like a normal guy for most of the questions. Was that for good or bad i don't know.
But i have put up the trophy on my blog, you may want to have a look at it though.

But yay!!! that was fun and feels good to have a score of 100.
I wish i could do some justice to this score :-(



Saturday, June 16, 2007


One thing which i always strive to achieve is simplicity and power.
Fluxbox gave me all in one shot.

Took a little time tinkering with the fonts and config files as per my use, but it paid finally.

Tabbed windows ...just *awesome*. :-)

Hey but oowriter sucks :(, it looks bad very bad on fluxbox ... duh.


UPDATE: fixed it finally. I hate this thing of mine, whenever i am stuck i 'll keep thinking how to solve that issue. And this eats up my time which should have been devoted to something else :-(

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Git it !!!

Banged my head a thousand times to figure out how Git actually works, last week.
For a developer coming from Subversion world that was not at all easy. Finally i must confess 90% of the people are unaware how actually git works.Why? Because they gave me all sorts of crazy ideas.
The very purpose of git is to be transparent and powerful. And i made full use of it. realised that there is no need to download 300MB of src from linus's repository to work on kernel src. And so i am happy now that i figured out a trivial but important cheat.

Cheat is you don't need to download the tag necessarily if you want to work on a local source tree and that includes any damn src in the world.
Just cd to the src tree and do following -

$ git add .
$ git commit
$ git tag -f
$ git tag -l
$ git branch devel-branch
$ git checkout devel-branch
$git branch
this shoule show a star in front of devel-branch.

Now modify the src, add files, remove some.
to commit
$ git diff
$ git add file_changed.c
$ git commit
$ git commit -a [to combine last two steps]

Hope this will help who want to migrate to git without downloading 300MBs of kernel src.



Saturday, April 14, 2007

MS's insane logic

Have a look at this.
What the fsck ? From when did Microsoft started assuming crash is a feature and not a bug? ...lolz :D
Seriously now i am convinced MS have just a bunch of overpaid programmers who don't have any work to do.So they have started rolling out completely idiotic and out of the world statements, to save their crappy products which are incidentally great and flashy on the GUI front.But all that at the cost of efficiency and robustness.

Good going MS, keep it up.Suddenly BSODs will be centre of attraction.May be you can put advertisements there as you have lost doubleclick deal to Google. :)