Thursday, March 29, 2007

To Fedora or not to Fedora

I must admit Fedora Core 6 is such a crappy distro, you 'll love to hate.

Being an ardent fan of Fedora's for nearly 3 years since its release, i am disappointed to see FC6 perform poorly.

First, if i select virtualization during installation, i expect atleast 2 kernels in my /boot .One being stock fedora kernel(which is often buggy) and a domU Xen kernel plus a xen hypervisor binary.

Surprisingly Fedora people think users are some lusers :(. They ll just wipe the stock kernel off the boot. nagging and frustrating it is.

Second can they please improve yum?Yum is beaten hands down by apt-get. Every damn time i want to install a package ,it will start downloading headers. Certainly apt-get install gcc32 is way cool :).

Third it was not able to detect the RealTek's 8169 SC gigabit ethernet NIC. Even a modprobe r8169 didn't help and neither did passing pci=noapic.

Thank god i switch to Ubuntu Edgy.

Edgy detects Rtl 8169 SC like a charm, GUI is way better.Synaptic is super smooth.Rest Development environment i have to set, which i am capable of doing even on a LFS box.

Moreover i am command line gureilla, not some GUI luser.(no pun intended)

But i must admit i still like Fedora as a development environment. :)

As they say it - "First love is first love, you will never forget it" ;) ... and neither did i.

Looking forward to Feisty Fawn.

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