Sunday, March 25, 2007

Indian IT industry and alternative thoughts

The computing industry has seen a manifold increase in last few decades. As an industry and as an engineering tool too. Not to mention, it affected Indian subcontinent and many over developing nations too.

The rat race has begun but is it effective enough for us to be called a quality service provider?Are we just a bunch people who are providing low cost services? May be yes and may be not? Even if we are not, we are perhaps disillusioned with this fact. We are best and hope fully will be best.

The problem as i personally see is - "When does the service starts acting like a commodity". The difference is visible and is inherently different for different sects of IT people. Maybe how we look at this is exactly how we shouldn't or may be we are right.

Whatever services are good and revenue spinning means for us, but point is services for which? Exactly for some product or some software from xyz inc in Europe or Northern America. This means we are heavily dependent on them. The lateral expansion of the software has certainly been the talk of the town but what about vertical expansion?

Are we ready to call our services commodities?Are we ready to give services which will mean a certain degree of domination in the Western market? Answer is yes and no both, which are self evident.

Initially we had to choose the path which we are traversing right now. Isn't it right time that we should spend some amount on vertical infrastructure?

How about building a competing product for which you can give exclusive services?how about recognizing the value of research and development?

Soon some other country will become cheaper than us in terms of services. Shouldn't we think about it?Definitely we should. But not in terms of cost only but also quality. Lets try to make ourselves a brand name in quality, in innovation, in development that we are known for our quality before cost effectiveness.

Let us innovate, have a bunch of talented engineers who can dedicatedly work on emerging technologies so that we can call ourselves pioneers.

Let us not waste the oppurtunity to make our mark at the right time. Lets have a fore vision. Let us work together for a brighter and talented India.

Are you there yet? :-)

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