Monday, April 2, 2007

Google Gags

One thing about Google which amuses me is its innovative ways.

It may be work culture there, their web based dominance or April 1st announcements which turn out ot be gags at times. :)

Google Tisp as they call it is Toilet ISP. hahaha ... gag was good , but for a moment i was also surprised if they are kidding or serious. Anyway figured out when i clicked on advanced installation link on FAQs :).

haha... gotcha.

Anyway though it was a April fool prank, concept is very much possible and has been employed near 2002-2003 by a company(oops i dont remember).

Whatever, people are getting free WiFI services from google without flushing even right now.Though the service is limited to a few priviliged cities in US sadly :(.

Anyway whatever, it was indeed a worth rolling on the floor after i figured out the prank ... :)


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