Sunday, April 8, 2007


OpenBSD developers especially Theo seem to be apprehended by linux community.Whats wrong with GPL , you BSD dudes? I think BSD people are too paranoid.

He is not only difficult but keeps his personal ego above the benefit of the community.Which is suicidal for BSD community. Code doesnot work with human sentiments ...period.

Copyright act and permission rule the open source community, if he cannnot respect them... sorry you are in trouble. You ll be dragged to court.

Whatever the case may be, AFAIK lkml discussions have a common goal for linux kernel.No personal feuds. I remember Alan(Alan Cox) pissed with Dave(Dave miller) for a serial driver.He didnt fire his personal vendetta on the lkml. linus inervened and kicked dave to utter surprise for being fussy. To which dave gracefully accepted and asked suggestions to fix the flaw, which was finally fixed by Linus's suggestion.

I have pbserved this is a very common scene except in rare cases.Exception being when some nutty dumb wit tries to say like - "how about a poll for GPLv2 Vs GPLv3 for linux kernel".Obvious Linus's reply was -"How about this?Go write your own kernel and then poll whos is popular":). Linux kernel is his kernel, he decides it has to be GPLv2, thats it.Mostly all kernel developers are very professional and extremely dedicated. Warning, Linus is an exception.He is professional and doesnot care what you think when it comes to common kernel can be thrashed for poor code submission or idiotic logics or misinterpretations.

Anyway, i wish Theo de Raat was more acceptable of the FOSS community.Sadly this is not true.



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